About us

Diary of LE TABLIER BLEU ! – 1st Day ;

This is the day , this is the beginning ! Seeds we have planted in our dreams have sprouted. They have found their sun in the welcoming heat of our dinners with friends and their water in our common effort. The first day has arrived: our flavor was born. A lot of love, a lot of care. But always like the first day.

This blue apron with its pink flower has traveled all around the world over the years. We have dreamt a lot, tried hard and finally achieved the best. Our love is big, we thought it was time to share it with you, just the right time. This time, we continue our journey by including you in our family for even more happiness.

We have stopped time and created timeless flavors, that you will crave every hour of the day. The only thing you will forget is how many you have eaten and how you can’t stop whereas the only thing you will remember is these special moments and who you share them with.

We simply want to accompany you in these moments and make some new friends. In our kitchen, there surely is a taste for you that will be prepared with love; you just have to let us know.